Top 7 Fascinating Reasons To Learn Full Stack Development

Why should you learn full stack development

Why should you learn full stack development? Is learning full stack development skills really worth it? Well, This guide will give you complete insights. 

As per TOI, the demand for Full stack developers is tremendously high due to lucrative career growth and attractive pay scales in India. 

Moreover, Individuals who are well-versed with full stack development skills, will continue to rule the IT industry in the coming years.

Here is Why Should You Learn Full Stack Development – Let’s Discover More Insights 

Before we get into the insights, it is super important to know the crux of it- What is full stack development? 

Well, Full stack development is an evolving skill that involves working with both client and server side web development. This means individual will create a rock-solid website along with a user-friendly experience. 

Below are the fascinating reasons why should you learn full stack development for your career- 

1. Enhanced Credibility
2.High Earning Potential 
3. More Preference to Developers Than Specialists
4.Multiple Roles
5. Real Career Growth
6. Helps Build a Thriving Freelancing Career
7. Excellent Learning Exposure 
1. Enhanced Credibility 

One of the major reasons to acquire a full stack development certification course is that it helps you gain credibility. Reason being, the competition level is extensively high across India. 

Certification enhances their credibility and doubles the hiring chances. Know that, companies are actively looking for well-trained, reliable and certified full stack developers. 

2. High Earning Potential 

Research says that the earning potential of a full stack developer in India is 6.6 Lakh as an average salary. It can go up to 17.7 lakhs per annum depending on the level of expertise. 

Companies are looking for well-trained professionals who can work on multiple domains in software development. This is why you should acquire specialized certification training. 

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3. More Preference to Developers Over Specialist 

Another important reason to learn full stack development is growing demand by startups. They are in dire need to hire full stack developers to meet complex project requirements. 

Full stack web developers mainly perform multiple operations. They work with both front end and back end processing operations hence specialists are not required. 

4. One Job, Multiple Roles 

Another major advantage of full stack development skill is that it fulfills multiple responsibilities. Right from website design,coordinating with technical team, documentation and back-end functioning. 

Consequently, it frees startups from hiring new personnel because all the required operations are performed by full stack developers itself and ultimately it saves company’s cost and time. 

5. Real Career Growth 

If you are a certified full stack web developer, not only your credibility and visibility will boost but it also attracts more lucrative career opportunities. 

Reason being, the full stack certification training program strives for quality intensive training that comprises real world projects which in turn contributes to real career growth in the long run. 

6. Build a Thriving Career as a Freelancer

If you want to be your own boss, go for a freelancing career. In fact, you can expect a brighter future by working with International clients as a full stack developer. Go ahead. 

The key rule is to upskill as much as you can and make your skills stand out the crowd. Most importantly, work on your verbal and written communication skills to bag excellent projects. 

7. Excellent Learning Exposure 

As a full stack developer, your learning horizons will increase. You will create websites along with database management operations efficiently through quality intensive training. 

The more you upskill, the more you will get a chance work on real world projects and ultimately your credibility will increase. Start learning today! 

How Passion for Learning Could Turn out A Flourishing Career For You? Read This Inspiring Story 

It is so true that passion beats everything. One great example to be cited here is an inspiring story of Kaushik, who began his learning journey through a full stack development online course in 2019. 

Post pandemic crisis, Kaushik landed an incredibly high paying job in March 2020 which ultimately got doubled in a few months to 12 Lakh per annum. This amazing story is cited by a credible news source- Moneycontrol. Do give it a read. 

So, if you are multi-tasker and  have a strong passion for coding, go in for a full stack development course. In fact, online learning platforms are flexible for professionals. 

Reason being, you’ll learn at your own pace, get  unlimited learning resources, chance to work on real-world projects, new skills, continuous learning support from top industry experts and fast career growth in the long-run. 

Tips To Get Hired as a Full Stack Developer

  • Work on your Soft Skills 

If you want to bag excellent opportunities as a full stack developer in India, the first crucial tip is to work rigorously hard on your soft skills. Know that communication skills is a key to get hired. 

  • Hone your Technical Proficiencies 

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it is paramount to become proficient in coding skills, web designing and database management queries. They are the prerequisites of an ideal candidate.  

  • Build a Rock-Solid Resume/Portfolio 

As we all know, first impression is the last impression, you need to work relentlessly hard on creating a professional resume, highlighty our past achievements, certifications, academics, experience (if any), projects to your resume. 

  • Start Applying on Reliable Portals 

You can start exploring for full stack developer jobs on Linkedin, Angelist, Glassdoor, Naukri, Monster etc. If you are looking for freelance projects – Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal are one of the most popular and reliable platforms. 

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A Quick FAQ Guide 

Q1. Is it easy to learn full stack development? 

Ans. Hard work is the gateway to success. If you are passionate learner, difficulty level should not concern you. Hard work is essential on every skill. To give you more clarity, yes you need to work hard on a wide range of coding skills i.e front side and backend process to excel in this domain. So, without any fears, start learning. 

Q2. What are the basic skills required to become a full stack developer? 

Ans. You need to be well-versed with front end languages like HTML, CSS and backend technologies like Python, Java, Javascript, C#, Django, PHP, PERL, RUBY, and knowledge of Database management systems like MYSQL, DBMS, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle DBMS. Also, solid knowledge of web hosting platforms such as Amazon web services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Heroku. 

Q3. Can a fresher become a full stack developer? 

Ans. Of course, Freshers can surely kick start a career in full stack development only if they have passion for coding and database management systems. The key to become a successful full stack developer is to upskill and stay upgraded with the ever-changing software developments in the IT industry. 

Q4. Which companies hire full stack developers in India? 

Ans. As per Glassdoor, top companies like IBM, Cognizant, Capgemini, TCS (Tata Consultancy Service), Accenture are hiring for full stack developer roles. You can even explore opportunities in startups. Start exploring. 

Final Thoughts – Get Ready to Fly 

This brings us to the end of this article, we hope you’ve got a fair idea on this stance -”Why should you learn full stack development for your career?” 

The whole idea is to acquaint you with the nitty gritties of this field and the value of certification program. Undoubtedly full stack development domain offers the highest paying jobs in India. 

If you are a fresher, get certified and look for Internship programs that will incredibly give you real world exposure. 

On the other hand, if you are a professional looking for a career transition, certification is a bonus to take your career to the next level. 

Learning never ends. The more you upskill, the more your career will thrive in no time. It’s time to lift your learning spirits and soar high. Happy Learning! 

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