Skills You Must Have To Join Bug Bounty Program

Things to know before you start bug bounty program

What are the crucial things to know before you start bug bounty program? How much technical proficiency is required? Is bug bounty a lucrative career? Let’s find out with this blog. 

Bug bounty program is a process of finding bugs and vulnerabilities in websites and apps where developers receive rewards for reporting bugs and security leaks. 

Before you join this program, it is paramount to have basic hard core technical knowledge, understand how data flows, hacking tools and a lot of crucials aspects that we’ll learn today. 

5 Crucial Things to Know Before You Start Bug Bounty Program

Bug bounty program is designed for all skills levels intending to kick start their career from scratch. Right from students, cyber security aspirants, programmers, software engineers to IT professionals. 

The best part about this program is there are no restrictions. A novice can begin their learning journey and build a flourishing career in no time. 

Below are the key important things to know before you start bug bounty program- 

1.Must-Have Knowledge of Networking Protocols
2.Well-Versed with Programming Languages 
3.Solid Understanding of Operating Systems
4.Knowledge of IT security Tools 
5.Well Acquainted with Reverse Engineering Concept
1. Must-Have Knowledge of Networking Protocols 

If you want to learn bug bounty skills, solid knowledge of networking protocols such as TCP/IP, ICMP, HTTPS, SFTP, SNMP is essential. 

Reason being, when you start to detect loopholes and vulnerabilities in the system, knowledge of networking protocols and familiarity with subnetting, supernetting, etc are important aspects. 

2. Well-Versed with Programming Languages 

Another key aspect to become a successful bug bounty is that you should have strong coding knowledge to detect vulnerabilities and know the debugging process. 

These programming languages involve Javascript, Python, PHP, HTML and CSS. You don’t need to master them but you must know the basics to headstart your career.

3. Solid Understanding of Operating Systems 

If you are eager to learn bug bounty programs, know that it is essential to have a  fair understanding of operating systems like Kali Linux, Windows OS, Linux, IP & Mac Address. 

Even if you have not mastered the above skills, you should be aware of operating system concepts to join this program. 

4. Knowledge of IT security Tools 

Knowledge of cyber security and ethical hacking tools and penetration testing for bug bounties is super essential to start your learning journey. 

Bug bounty skill is an integral part of the cyber security domain. Professionals can expand their knowledge base through this learning program and soar high.

5. Well Acquainted with Reverse Engineering Concept

Ensure that you are well-versed with the concept of reverse engineering before you start learning bug bounty skills. 

Reverse engineering simply means finding flaws in the website and the stages involved in reverse engineering. 

An Overview of the Career Outlook For Passionate Bug Bounties

Is bug bounty career in demand? Do you require a degree to become a successful bug bounty? Well, as per recent reports by TOI, bug bounty is one of the most in-demand careers across India. 

Surprisingly, undergraduate students are incredibly soaring high with bug bounty. Individuals with strong coding skills like Java, MySQL, and technical proficiencies can earn up 25 lakh per annum and even higher. 

From the global perspective, An average earning of bug bounties can go up to 70,000$ annual salary. So, if you are residing in other countries, you will certainly reap lucrative benefits by learning bug bounty skills.

Here are the some of the best career options in India listed on that requires strong bug bounty skills- 

  • Information Security Analyst, Penetration tester at Amdocs
  • Security Researcher at LoginSoft
  • Vulnerability Analyst at MasterCard
  • Security Engineer at Phonepe
  • Penetration Tester at Hack X Security 

Success Story of an Ahmedabad Based Cyber Security Expert Who Made 35000$ For Finding Glitches 

Well, you will be intrigued to know how passion for learning can help you build a highly rewarding career from this story. 

An Ahmedabad based cyber security expert- Nikhil Srivastav stated that bug bounty hunting can be an incredibly rewarding career in the long-run and even get a chance to work with Big brands like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and make huge money. 

Nikhil has made over 35000$ in just three months through his remarkable technical proficiency. Another inspiring story of B.Tech student- Jenish Sajotra from Rajkot made 50,000$ during covid lockdown. To know more stories head over to Techgig news source.

Just like these talented professionals, you could certainly be the next inspiration in the booming IT industry. All you need is passion, dedication, constant learning abilities with technologies, high technical proficiency, excellent observation and analytical skills to stay ahead of the curve. 

Is Learning Bug Bounty Online Really Worth It? Let’s Find Out

Well, the subtle answer to this question is – Yes. It is absolutely worth it. Reason being, it offers the flexibility of learning new skills through quality intensive training from top industry experts. 

Whether you are a student or passionate IT professional looking for a career transition, learning bug bounty online will surely be your best bet. 

In addition, it is one of the most affordable training programs that emphasize mainly on real world projects, comprehensive case studies, unlimited access to learning resources and continuous learning support by certified trainers. 

Moreover, by earning a Bug Bounty Certification Course, it increases individuals credibility and visibility as the competition is enormously high in India. Thus, certification enables real career growth in the long run. 

A Quick FAQ Guide 

Q1. How long does it take to learn the Bug Bounty Program?

Ans. Well, the duration of this certification course is around 40 minutes. You can learn at your own pace without any hassle. So, if you are a working professional or a student, go ahead and get quality intensive training from certified trainers. 

Q2. What is the scope of the Bug Bounty Certification Course? 

Ans. The scope is remarkably high for techies. Reason being, this training program equips you with real world projects plus which are highly beneficial to up your game. Most importantly, certification adds credibility to your profile and doubles your hiring chances.  

Q3. Can a beginner learn the Bug Bounty Program?

Ans. Of course, you can start your learning journey as a novice but it is important to be well-versed with technical skills before you join a bug bounty training program. 

Q4. What makes the Bug Bounty Program special? 

Ans. The first and foremost speciality is that it strives for quality intensive sessions from certified trainers, training on real world projects, comprehensive case studies, continuous learning support from the team as required, you can learn at your own pace and is one of the most affordable courses that is really worth it for all skill levels. 

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Final Words 

This brings us to the end of this article. As you are now aware of the important things to know before you start bug bounty program, it’s time to begin your learning journey today. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or non-techies, passion beats everything. Even if you don’t have technical proficiency you can start learning from tutorial videos on Youtube. 

Work rigorously hard on technical skills and most importantly prioritize your soft skills to get into any industry. 

Soft skills comprises your verbal and written communication skills, leadership skills, ability to work under pressures, analytical skills to stay on top of the competition. The key rule is – the more you focus on learning new skills, the sooner you will gain success. 

So are you ready to begin your journey? Let us know in the comments below. We will be happy to hear from you. Happy Learning and wish you all the best!  

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