7 Insightful Reasons Why Students Must Learn Digital Marketing

Why is Digital Marketing Important For Students?

Why is digital marketing important for students? Well, this guide will give you complete insights and help you build a flourishing career in digital marketing. 

As the competition across all industries is rapidly increasing every day, it is paramount to learn digital marketing and make your skills stand out the crowd. 

Why is Digital Marketing Important For Students? Let’s Get Deeper Insights 

Digital marketing is the most popular and in-demand skill that covers numerous skill sets such as SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, blogging and advertising. 

These are super important sub-domains to market your skills and showcase your talent when you look for opportunities. 

Here are seven insightful reasons why students should learn digital marketing in India – 

1. Most In-Demand Skill Across the Globe 

As per reports by Statista, the digital market is expected to grow by 539 billion INR by the year 2024. Also, the digital economy will have 60-65 million new jobs by 2025 as cited by Mckinsey Global Institute. 

If you are a student or a working professional looking forward to building a thriving career in digital marketing, unlock your learning potential today and soar high. 

2. Excellent Career Opportunities 

One of the major reasons why is digital marketing important for students is the lucrative career opportunities across the globe. 

As the whole world is going digital, entrepreneurs are actively looking for trained digital marketers to make their brand visible over the Internet. Hence, learning digital marketing is essential for everyone. 

3. Students Can Start Freelancing Career

There are thousands of freelance projects over the Internet be it social media or even freelancing platforms. You can start your career as a freelance digital marketer. 

Pro Tip: Build a strong portfolio highlighting your past projects , certifications and academics and start pitching your potential clients through emails, social media or freelancing platforms. 

4. Boosts your Credibility 

Digital marketing domain is highly competitive, if you want to stay on top of the competition, make your skills credible to potential employers. 

This can be accomplished by acquiring a specialized digital marketing certification training program that gives you real world exposure. Certification enhances your credibility. 

5. Grow your Client Base 

One of the important reasons to learn digital marketing is that it remarkably helps you grow your customer base by leveraging powerful digital channels that you’ll learn during the professional training. 

This can be accomplished through your impeccable content marketing skills over the Internet. Know that content is the key to a successful marketing campaign. 

6. Learn Proven Marketing Strategies 

To become a successful digital marketer requires learning tried and tested marketing techniques which are absolutely unique and outperform your competitors. 

If you are a student or a working professional looking for new digital marketing skills, invest your precious time into learning strategies that actually work. 

7. Start your Own Venture  

Any individual who has a passion for marketing and sales domain can start their online business. This is exactly where learning digital marketing skills can be extremely beneficial. 

Students can start their blogging platform or an ecommerce store and earn decent income from home. Time to turn your passion into a profession and fly high. Start learning. 

Read What Times of India Has Shared Amazing Insights for Students

As per the reports by Times of India credible news source, recruiters look for special skills and professionals who are well-acquainted with industrial training. 

Students must be ready to take the plunge and challenging roles in digital marketing as the competition is immensely high across the globe. 

These skills include tools, task management apps, presentation reports, documentation etc. that are essential to thrive in the corporate world or in entrepreneurship. 

Going further, TOI shares incredible tips for students to build a thriving business such as- 

  • Networking with professionals/experts/entrepreneurs to know about industry insights. 
  • Innovation is the key to expressing your ideas through presentations and reports. 
  • Make your presence and share valuable insights on social media platforms. 
  • Stay upgraded with the ever-changing digital marketing trends 

For more insights, head over to this news source

Is Learning Digital Marketing Online Really Worth It? 

Well, undoubtedly yes, learning digital marketing online is not only the most popular but also convenient way to grow as a digital marketer. 

You can learn at your own pace without disturbing your busy schedules, quality intensive training from top industry experts, get unlimited access to learning resources, pre-recorded lectures and continuous learning  support. 
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Here Are Some Valuable Tips for Students To Become a Successful Digital Marketer

As the competition in the digital marketing domain is tremendously high across the globe, it is important to know the keys to a successful career in digital marketing. 

The gateway to a successful digital marketing career for students is to upskill as much as they can and keep an eye on digital marketing trends. 

Remember, learning is a continuous process. Keep learning new skills and stay upgraded with digital marketing trends. 

2. Share Valuable Insights on Internet 

Depending on your knowledge and expertise, focus on curating rock-solid content that is innovative and informative. 

Leverage powerful social media channels like Linkedin, twitter, Quora, Medium, Tumblr and share unique & engaging content that inspire your readers. That way you will attract desired projects and clients.  

3. Work on your Portfolio

The first and foremost aspect to win excellent opportunities in digital marketing is “Portfolio” or “Resume” that leaves a long-lasting impression on your potential employers. 

Highlight your academics, certifications, past projects, publication, experience (if any) and your skill sets that best describes your expertise in a specific domain. 

4. Work Hard on your Soft Skills 

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, work rigorously hard on your soft skills. This includes excellent written/verbal communication, strong aptitude, ability to work under high pressures, time management, stress management etc. 

5. Look for Internship Opportunities 

Once you have your portfolio ready with you, look for good internship opportunities. Internships are the sureshot way to gain success in this domain because you will get real industry exposure working with startups.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the best career options post certification programs in digital marketing?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) executive/Specialist, Social Media Marketer, Email Marketing specialist, Content Marketer, Graphic designer, UX designer, App Marketer,  PPC specialist, Google Ads Specialist etc.  are the best career options. 

What is the average salary of digital marketers in India? 

Depending on the experience level, generally the average salary of digital marketers range from 8 lakh to 15 lakh per annum. 

What are the best freelancing platforms for digital marketers? 

The best way to pitch your clients is through Linkedin or Angelist. One of the sureshot ways to win excellent projects you always wished for. The most reliable freelancing platforms are Upwork, Guru, Freelancer etc.

Final Thoughts

This brings us to the end of this article, we hope you have got enough clarity on this question “why is digital marketing important for students?”. 

The whole idea behind curating this article is to acquaint you with the significance of choosing a career in digital marketing and tips to outshine your competitors which are extremely helpful to students. 

Time to spread your wings, discover your true potential and get ready to enter into the booming world of digital marketing. Learn, rise and shine.

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