17 Must-Have Skills To Become a Java Developer 

Skills required to become a Java developer

Skills required to become a Java developer are super important to learn for every tech enthusiast. Reason being, it is the foundation to develop web-based applications and softwares. 

Most importantly, Java development is one of the most in-demand coding languages across the globe every company looks for. 

It is required in multiple platforms such as web applications , smart devices, embedded applications, games, desktop applications, mobile applications and many more. 

Here are Important Skills Required to Become a Java Developer 

Did you know technical skills are not enough to get hired? Well, the fact is employers are looking for candidates who are proficient in both technical and soft skills. This is a new hiring criteria. 

Here are extensive skills you need to learn to become a successful java developer. Read carefully and start learning today- 

Let’s Start With Soft Skills And Understand it’s Significance

1. Efficient Time management Skills 

Time management skill is a super important skill every individual must possess. Reason being, they will be exposed to a challenging environment where multitasking is essential. 

Hence, it is important to learn how to set priorities for each task and meet the deadlines. Efficient time management skills is a key to a successful team and contributes to the company’s growth. 

2. Communication is a Key to Successful Project 

To succeed in this domain, know that java developers constantly communicate with the team which requires excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

You will be performing documentation and preparing technical reports at every stage of the development process. Also, you will constantly communicate with clients and update about the work progress. 

3. Stress Management Skills

For a java developer, the ability to work under a stressful environment is a key to a career growth ladder. There will be many challenging tasks you will experience on a daily basis. 

Hence, it is important to keep yourself balanced emotionally, physically and mentally to work efficiently under pressures and meet tight deadlines. 

4. Excellent Work Ethics 

Work ethic is a soft skill that implies the belief in work, set of values and professionalism that will only not make a positive impact on your team but also contribute to the success of a project. 

There will be a continual change in environment that requires your strong work ethics and the skill to organize tasks to ensure smooth business operations and projects done successfully. 

5. Must be a Motivated Team Player

Effective team management skills involve excellent communication, empathy, humility, and self-motivation you must-have to make every task run smoothly. 

You will be expected to delegate the tasks as per client requirements, set deadlines and constantly motivate the team members to ensure better productivity and quality of work. 

6. The Art of Active Listening 

For effective team management, it is paramount to have two-way communication. A great leader is the one who not only delegates tasks but also listens to each concern of the team members. 

Communication is the key that ensures absolute clarity about the tasks involved in a project. Hence, ensure that you address all queries of your teammates to work smoothly and efficiently. 

7. Solution-Oriented Approach 

One of the most crucial soft skills every java developer must possess is the solution-oriented approach. Reason being is the enormous amount of challenges you will face within an organization. 

Whether it pertains to a project, technical issues, and team concerns. Being a solution-oriented mindset will help the project run successfully and ensure fast career growth in the long-run.

8. Situational Awareness  

Situational awareness skill simply means how you are attentive to the changing environments or events within the organization. 

This particular skill is important to ascertain about the future possibilities and make informed decisions to make the project super successful. 

Must Be Well-Versed with These Technical Skills To Become a Successful Java Developer 

9. Core Java Skills 

Kickstart your learning journey with core java skills. This includes Object oriented programming (OOP), abstract classes, design patterns, and serialization. 

10. Well-Versed with Web-Technologies 

To become a successful java developer, get acquainted with important web technologies HTML, CSS, JQuery, 

11. Must know about Java UI concepts 

Java UI is basically an environment to create a user interface. If you are heading towards learning java development, start learning these concepts.

To illustrate further, the best User interfaces of Java are – AWT, JavaFX, Apache Pivot, Swing & SwingFX,  and SWT(Standard Widget Toolkit). 

12. Java Testing Tools 

Java development is not limited to coding only. You will come across projects or tasks that require testing every aspect of your application. 

Hence, it is super important for every individual to know about testing tools. These are TestNG, Selenium, JBehave, Mockito, SecurityFrameworks, etc.

13. Unit Testing  Frameworks 

It is essential to have the hard-core knowledge of unit testing frameworks to excel in this domain. These frameworks are pre-written codes to perform unit testing of an application. 

By executing these frameworks, coders won’t have to manually write test codes. This is why individuals must be well-versed in Java Frameworks which are JUnit, Mockito, Spring Framework etc. 

14. Database Management Skills 

Database management pertains to back-end processes which is a must-have skill for every passionate java developer to build a successful career. 

These database skills include – MYSql, ERP Oracle for enterprise applications, JDBC driver and fundamentals of DBMS (Database Management System).  

15. Knowledge of API

API means Application Programming Interface which enables developers to integrate websites and applications and ultimately provide real time information. 

Here is the list of API’s you must know – JSON processing, XML processing, Logging API, Collection API and Date & Time API. 

16. Design Patterns 

Knowledge of design patterns is crucial for java development because it makes the code more flexible, maintainable and reusable. 

These design patterns involves- creational patterns, structural patterns and behavioral patterns. These patterns save time and accelerate the  development process. Start learning! 

17. DevOps Tools 

Another crucial technical skill required to become a java developer is the DevOps Tools. They automate tasks and incredibly help teams to complex tasks. 

These tools are as follows – Nagios, OpenNMS, Splunk, Icinga, Wireshark etc. Make sure you know the essential tools.
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Is Learning Java Online Worth it? 

Yes, learning a Java certification training program online is totally worth it in fact it offers flexibility in learning for working professionals and offers plenty of benefits. 

You can learn at your pace, attend lab-intensive training from top industry trainers, get access to unlimited learning resources and continuous learning support from tech teams. 

Moreover, earning java certification boosts your credibility as the competition in this domain is tremendously high. Make your skills credible and visible to the recruiters. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Which companies require Java developers in India? 

Ans. TCS, IBM, Wipro, Infosys, Capgemini, HCL technologies, Accenture, Cognizant technologies etc. are some of the top companies. 

Q2. How much java developers can make? 

Ans. Depending on the level of experience and skills, the average salary of a Java developer in India ranges from 2.5 Lakh to 8.5 lakh per annum as per the survey from ambitionbox

Final thoughts 

This brings us to the end of this article. The whole idea is to acquaint you with the skills required to become a Java developer and we hope you’ve got a fair idea on this stance. 

As the demand for java developers is constantly rising across the globe, it is time to turn your passion for learning java into a full-fledged profession in the booming IT industry. 

Know that both technical and soft skills are essential to excel in this domain. So, Be assured to win exciting career opportunities if you have proficiency in both of these skills. 

Learning is a never ending cycle. The more you invest your valuable time into grasping new skills and upgrading with the ever-changing technological trends, the more you will experience an instant career boost in no time. 

Time to lift your lifting spirits high, unleash your coding potential and give wings to your dreams. Are you ready? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. Happy Learning! 

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