Why is Ethical Hacking a Good Career Choice For You? 

Scope of ethical hacking in India

Scope of ethical hacking in India is tremendously high. Reason being, cyber attacks are growing rapidly with the advent of technology in the digital world. 

Hence, there is a dire need for trained ethical hackers who can legally penetrate into the system to detect the weak spots and vulnerabilities and present the best possible solutions to combat cyber attacks. 

This requires strong expertise in the ethical hacking domain. That is why the certification training program becomes essential and recommended for aspiring ethical hackers.  

Career Outlook: Scope of Ethical Hacking in India 

Ethical hacking is one of the most in-demand skills across India and the scope is undeniably high. The role of ethical hackers to protect systems, networks and IT infrastructure against critical cyber attacks which requires strong technical expertise. 

Moreover, learning ethical hacking isn’t a cakewalk. It requires proven expertise, strong presence of mind, analytical skills to succeed in this domain. This is exactly why one must know the scope of ethical hacking before entering into this field. Take a look . 

1.Tremendous Demand for Ethical Hackers
2.High-Paying Career Opportunities 
3. Chance to work with renowned brands 
4.Opportunity to work with Govt. Organization 
5.Ensures a Real Career Growth
6.Work on International Projects 
7. Enhances your Analytical Thinking

Let’s delve deep and understand the incredible reasons why ethical hacking can be a good career choice for you. Read carefully and share your valuable thoughts. 

1. Tremendous Demand for Ethical Hackers

Undoubtedly there is a huge demand for trained ethical hackers not just in India but across the globe due to increasing cyber attacks in the digital world. 

If you are passionate to learn this important skill but are baffled to take up ethical hacking training, don’t be. Time to start learning a journey in ethical hacking and soar high. 

2. High-Paying Career Opportunities 

Another significant reason to learn ethical hacking is that you will be able to bag those well-paid job opportunities and it’s not that easy. 

Individuals need to be well-versed with new approaches to detect, analyze the critical threats and vulnerabilities and penetrate into the system to prevent future attacks. 

3. Chance to Work with Renowned Brands 

Depending on your proven technical expertise and experience level, you will certainly get a chance to work with top employers. 

Companies like Tata consultancy services, infosys, Wipro Technologies etc. look for trained ethical hackers and they are ready to pay handsome salaries to the right candidate. 

4. Opportunity to Work with Govt. Organizations

Many aspirants have a dream to work with a government organization, therefore ethical hacking skills are a sure shot way to land your dream job only if you are a well-trained professional. 

Moreover, you need to be highly proficient in analytical skills, proven technical expertise, mathematical and statistical skills, and the ability to work under stressful environments to combat cyber attacks. 

5. Ensures a Real Career Growth

Expect real career growth if you strive to hone your technical skills that involve networking skills, cryptography, linux skills, SQL, reverse engineering etc. 

This can be accomplished by learning certification ethical hacking training programs that offer real world exposure to detect weak spots and vulnerabilities of the system. 

6. Work on International Projects 

Ever thought of starting your career as a freelancer? Well, if you have a keen interest to work independently in the ethical hacking domain as a freelancer, it’s time to start your journey. 

The average salary of freelance ethical hackers ranges from 2 Lakh to 45 Lakh per annum depending on your skillset, and experience level. Work hard on your portfolio because competition is tremendously high. 

7. Enhances your Analytical Thinking 

Another remarkable reason to choose ethical hacking is that it helps improve your analytical abilities and  quick decision making power once you start working on real world projects. 

This quality trait plays a crucial role in protecting company’s data and information against cyber attacks and vulnerabilities. 

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Read How The Self Taught Hackers Got Hired by Big Techs 

It is so true that passion for learning can take you a long way. As per recent news by Analytical Insight, self taught ethical hackers are making their mark on solving hacking activities in competitions. 

So, what makes these talents unique from other individuals? Well, the subtle answer is passion for problem solving abilities and curiosity rather than just earning a certification. Passion beats everything. 

Certification is important but not just to improve your CV or land a job, but to enhance your problem solving abilities to combat critical threats and vulnerabilities. 

Technology is advancing every day and cyber attacks are continually increasing, hence it is paramount to dig into learning new approaches to detect, analyze, and deal with cyber attacks and present the best possible solutions to ensure a secured and safe environment. 

Highest Paying Cities for Ethical Hackers in India 

Let’s dig deeper and understand the scope of ethical hacking in india. Well, as we know that the demand for well-trained ethical hackers is growing due to high vulnerabilities, job opportunities are rising rapidly in the digital world. 

So what are the crucial factors affecting the salary of ethical hacker in india- 

  • Location 
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Job Role 
  • Employer you work for 

Here are the highest paying cities for ethical hackers in India- 

City Average Salary
Delhi 15 Lakh 
Mumbai 3.9 Lakh 
Hyderabad 1.50 to 2.50 lakh 
Bengaluru 4.00- 5 lakh 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is Learning Ethical Hacking Online Worth it? 

Ans. Yes, learning ethical hacking online is absolutely worth it. Reason being is the flexibility in learning without disturbing your busy schedules, continuous learning support, unlimited resources for learning, excellent training from certified trainers and affordability. 

Q2. What are the skills required to become an ethical hacker in India?  

Ans. Individuals must be highly proficient in technical skills which involve networking, linux skills, hardware knowledge, reverse engineering, SQL and cryptography. 

Q3. Are soft skills required to enter into the ethical hacking field? 

Ans. Yes, Soft skills are required to qualify for an ethical hacking job. This involves verbal and written communication, analytical skills, time management, stress management, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, and work ethic. 

Q4. What kind of government organizations can you work as an ethical hacker? 

Ans. You can work in law enforcement agencies, CBI, National security agencies or government defense agencies. 

Q5. What are the best career options post ethical hacking certification? 

Ans. Penetration tester, security consultant, security engineer, Information security analyst, vulnerability assessor, network security administrator, web security administrator, forensic investigator and application security analyst are some of the best career options for ethical hackers. 

Q6. What makes Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) unique?

Ans. It is a completely virtual certification training program that offers flexibility of learning through lab intensive training. So, whether you are a working professional or a student intending to head start their career in ethical hacking, this course is surely your best bet. You can learn at your own pace, chance to work on real world projects, case studies and get continuous learning support from top industry trainers. 

Final Thoughts 

This brings us to the end of this article. We hope you’ve got enough clarity on this stance “scope of ethical hacking in India”. The whole idea is to acquaint you with the real value of learning ethical hacking skills in the digital world. 

As the technology is drastically changing every day gives rise to serious threats. To gain success, individuals must possess strong resilience, constantly upgrade with ever-changing trends, and strive for learning new approaches to combat malicious threats. 

The key to achieve success in this domain is to learn skills in the right direction. Besides technical skills., individuals must be an efficient problem solver, must-have the ability to work under high pressures and strong presence of mind to excel in this domain. 

Time to ignite your learning spirit and get ready to dive into the world of ethical hacking. Learn, rise and shine. 

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