Planning to Start a Career in Digital Forensics? Here is What You Need to Know

Is digital forensics a good career in India

Is digital forensics a good career in India? Well, the subtle answer to this question is – Yes, digital forensics is an excellent career choice due to tremendous demand in India. 

This is due to massive cyber attacks and criminal activities that give rise to the demand for trained forensics experts both in government or private organizations. 

Before you plan to start a career in digital forensics, know that it is not for everyone. It can be hard to learn but definitely offers excellent growth in the long run. 

Is Digital Forensics A Good Career in India? Here are 7 Insightful Reasons To Know  

Choosing a career in digital forensics can be an unusual choice. Reason being, it is quite difficult to learn for individuals and requires strong expertise and experience in lab testing skills to excel in this domain. 

Going further, here are seven insightful reasons to choose career in digital forensics in India –            

1. Excellent Career Scope in India 

One of the biggest reasons why digital forensics is a good career choice for you is that it has a tremendous scope for aspiring forensic experts across India as well as in other countries. 

If you want to stay on top of the competition, focus on enhancing your skills and acquire professional training from reputed learning space. 

Recommended Training: Digital Forensics Course 

2. Builds a Flourishing Career in the Long-Run 

Forensics science is a rare profession and can be a highly rewarding career in the long run if an individual has the strong abilities to work under high pressures, analytical skills, and writing skills. 

If you possess excellent soft skills and a strong presence of mind, digital forensics could certainly be the right choice for you and there are excellent career avenues in this domain. 

3. Plays in Significant Role in Court Matters 

Forensic science domain plays an extremely crucial role in court matters and bringing justice. This requires proven expertise as experts conduct a careful investigation. 

Therefore, if you want to excel in this domain, go in for specialized certification training as it will give quality intensive training from certified trainers and adds your credibility. 

4. High-Paying Opportunities 

If you are wondering whether forensic science is a good career choice or not? Look no further because it offers amazing high paying career opportunities for the right candidate. 

To give you a fair idea, the average salary of a forensic science expert ranges from 3 lakh to 7 lakh per annum depending entirely upon your skills and experience. 

5. Exciting Career Avenues 

Forensic science undoubtedly offers excellent career options. Here are some of the incredible career opportunities which makes forensic science a great career choice- 

  • Digital Forensic expert 
  • Handwriting expert 
  • Legal Counselor
  • Lie Detector Examiner
  • Forensic DNA Analyst
  • Crime Scene Investigator 
6. Chance to Work with Government Agencies 

If you are aspiring to become a forensic expert, know that one has to acquire solid expertise in this domain to get a chance to work with government organizations. 

You could also get a chance to work in the CBI but that requires enormous work experience and proven expertise to be in this profession. 

7. Bag Excellent Freelance projects 

If you are looking for freelance projects in the forensic science domain, there are ample opportunities such as forensic audit analysis, digital forensic examiner, iOS Digital Forensics etc. 

You can work on a fixed price or an hourly project in this domain and earn incredibly well. To give you a fair idea on the payout, you can earn 55$-125$/hour. For fixed price projects, expect 200$-1000$. 

An Awe-Inspiring Story Of Priyanka Who Started India’s First Forensic Lab 

Let us walk you through an amazing story of passionate women – Priyanka started India’s first forensic lab – Connectel in 2010 with accreditation in ISO. 

Prior to that, Priyanka started her career as marketing professional in Trade fairs and this led to networking with like-minded people. Gradually, she started her company and even visited housing corporations to build her clientbase. 

Passion and determination beats everything. Finally in 2010, Priyanka commenced her venture – Connectel, India’s first well-established Forensic Science Laboratory with International Accreditation and the lab reports are acceptable in 107 countries across the world. To know more details about this story head over to the LogicalIndian source. . Kudos to Priyanka for the remarkable achievement. 

In the light of the above story, we can certainly say that nothing is impossible. Your belief, determination, passion, resilience, power and patience can’t stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Time to take the plunge, believe in yourself and discover your true potential. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is it difficult to find a job in forensics science in India? 

Ans. Yes, finding a job in digital forensics can be hard despite the dire need for crime scene investigators flooding the market. You just need to know where to find the job such as online job portals but that’s not all. You need to do cold calling and networking too to win those opportunities.  

Q2. What are the best career options after earning certification in digital forensics in India? 

Ans. As per survey by, best career options post certification in digital forensics are private investigator, criminal lawyer, forensic scientists, forensic analyst, forensic science professor, police officer etc. 

Q3. Who should go into the digital forensics field? 

Ans. Individuals requiring strong problem solving skills, analytical thinking, writing skills, knowledge of lab investigation can opt for this domain. 

Q4. Is digital forensics a stressful job? 

Ans. Yes, digital forensics is a challenging and stressful job. Recent surveys say that forensics experts feel burnout due to high stress levels. Reason being, there is an increase in new digital evidence that requires more investigations and careful analysis. Hence, it is important for individuals to think wisely before rushing into a decision. 

Q5. What are the prerequisites to qualify for a forensic science job? 

Ans. You need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer forensics or similar domain. In addition, it is strongly advisable to go for a specialized digital forensics course to make your skills stand out the crowd. 

Q6. Is learning digital forensics online certification courses worth it? 

Ans. Yes, absolutely worth it in fact e-learning spaces are making it easier for passionate learners to build a thriving career and they are incredibly reasonable courses as compared to other platforms. Moreover, it offers flexible learning schedules, unlimited access to learning resources, training from top industry trainers and continuous learning support. 

Final Thoughts 

This brings to the end of this article. We hope you’ve got a fair idea on this question – Is digital forensics a good career in India?” The intent behind this blog is to acquaint you with nitty gritties of this particular domain which isn’t a cakewalk. 

So, before making a career choice, make sure you carefully self-introspect yourself whether you are a perfect fit for this field or not. Forensic science can be a challenging career but if you have strong analytical abilities, presence of mind, eye high attention to details, love challenges, strong observation skills then forensic science is surely your best bet. 

In a nutshell, time to carefully review your skills and make the right career choice. If you are absolutely confident and determined towards your dreams no matter if the career is stressful or challenging, it shouldn’t hold you back. Right? 

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Time to lift your learning spirits high, unleash your true potential and build a flourishing career into the most challenging domain. Rise and shine. 

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