7 Incredible Reasons to Learn Adobe Photoshop 

Is Adobe Photoshop worth learning

Is Adobe Photoshop worth learning? Well, the subtle answer to this question is – Yes! It is absolutely worth learning and contributes to a rewarding career in the long run. 

Despite having the Canva tool used worldwide, Adobe photoshop is the most evolving skill required by many industries in India as well as other countries. 

Reason being, Adobe Photoshop can perform advanced photo editing like retouching, removing blemishes, repair photos and everything which the Canva tool can’t do. 

Is Adobe Photoshop Worth Learning Skill in India? Let’s Delve Deep and Find out 

Adobe Photoshop is a professional and multifunctional tool for creative designers that requires a lot of practice and learnings. This is why it is advisable for everyone to opt for Adobe Photoshop Certification Course

To illustrate further, here are top reasons to understand why adobe photoshop is worth learning for all- 

1. Learn Professional Photo Editing 

Unlike canva tool which offers basic functionality, Adobe Photoshop allows you to learn professional editing from scratch. 

Another important reason to learn this incredible skill is that it helps you build a rock-solid portfolio. You can showcase your designs once you look for good opportunities. 

2. Most In-Demand Skill Across the Globe

The demand for Adobe Photoshop skill is high. As per the reports by Indiatoday, the global market value of designer services has grown 250$ billion by 2022

Now businesses are looking for professional designers every day. Research says that the demand for visual content is 88% by marketers as per this news source.  

3. Enhance your Artistic Power 

Another incredible reason to understand why learning adobe photoshop is worth it is that it enhances your creative skills through quality training sessions. 

Right from creating digital art, picture editing, 3D graphics to producing vector graphics, you can unleash your creative power and make impeccable visuals that stand out the crowd.

4. Win High paying Jobs 

Adobe photoshop being high in demand across the globe, individuals who are proficient in photo editing skills and certified will certainly bag excellent career opportunities and projects. 

The career options include – graphic designer, UX/UI designer, Design director etc. are high paying designer roles.

RoleAverage Salary
Graphic designer 3.5 lakh to 6.5 lakh per annum 
UI/UX Designer2.5 lakh to 5.5 lakh per annum
Designer director 45 lakh per annum 

5. Work as a Freelance Graphic Designer 

Learning photoshop from a certified training program can ensure a fulfilling career. You can work as a freelancer with International clients and earn big bucks. 

Moreover, the average salary of a freelance graphic designer ranges from 3.5 lakh to 7 lakh per annum depending on the level of your experience and skill set. 

Hourly rate for Freelance Graphic Designers: 25$ – 50$ per hour 

6. Profitable Skill for Entrepreneurs 

One great advantage of learning photoshop is that you can create your visuals for marketing campaigns, Ads, blogs, social media without hiring a creative team for your business.

This saves a lot of time and cost. Hence, by becoming a professionally trained designer, you can make your business flyers, infographics, social media graphics, and for your website.

7. Boost Sales of your Company 

Professionally made graphics make a huge impact on the customers. So, if you are an entrepreneur or a digital marketer, learning photoshop should be prioritized as it will boost your product/services sales. 

Whether you are creating appealing visuals for marketing materials or product catalogs for ecommerce business, an excellent design will encourage customers to make a purchase.

Read How Leslie Green Turned out Her Hobby For Designing Into A Business 

Green has a passion for Basketball and she used to teach the same to her daughter . During the day, she works as an insurance broker. Her love for art and graphic design emerged while studying at the University of Southern Indiana. 

One of her friends reminded her how she got paid in elementary school to draw names in bubble letters. This made her realize her true calling and she began working as a freelance graphic designer. 

Leslie is a multifaceted talented professional who works both as a graphic designer and basketball. Her passion for designing grew faster with constant practice. Back then she started honing her skills by participating in workshops, teaching and partnering with other designers. 

Her passion for designing turned out incredibly well into a thriving business which led to creation of her venture – LLG designs. For more info, head over to this news source.

So, if you still have a doubt in mind – Is Adobe Photoshop Worth learning skill or not? Time to chuck all the doubts, invest your valuable time into learning skills and soar high.

Future Scope of Adobe Photoshop in India

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the designing industry in India is expected to grow by 5% by 2026. Also, it is one of the growing fields across india. 

Any individual who learns professional graphic designing from scratch such as templates, infographics, product catalogs, brochures, websites will be able to bag excellent opportunities. 

As per the reports by a news source Startuptalky, India needs more than 62000 graphic designers out of which 7000 are qualified. Thus, it is super important for individuals to get the right skill training and learn the professional designing skills and stay ahead of the curve. 

Industries that are in dire need for graphic designers are: 

  • Automobile Industry 
  • IT communications 
  • Fashion Industry 
  • Hospitality 
  • Retail 
  • Media/Publishing companies 
  • Education 
  • Real Estate 
  • Government 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the essential skills required to become a graphic designer? 

Ans. Well, you must be well-versed about the software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite, web designing, fundamentals of UX/UI designing, and HTML.  

Q2. What is the average salary of a graphic designer? 

Ans. The average salary of a graphic designer ranges from 3.5 Lakh to 8.5 Lakh per annum depending on the experience level and skill set. 

Q3. Is it a good idea to start a career as a freelance graphic designer? 

Ans. Yes, absolutely. You can start your career as a freelancer in fact if you become a certified graphic designer, you are more likely to bag excellent projects.Reason being, certification makes your profile credible and boost your hiring chances. 

Q4. What makes Adobe Photoshop Certification Course stand out? 

Ans. The biggest advantage of Adobe Photoshop training program is that individuals will get a chance to work on real world projects, lab-intensive training from top industry trainers, unlimited access to learning resources, videos, continuous learning support from the team and it is one of the most reasonable courses that has numerous benefits. Learn at your pace without any hassle. 

Final Thoughts 

This brings us to the end of this article. We hope you have got enough clarity on this question – “Is Adobe Photoshop Worth Learning?” The whole idea behind this blog is to acquaint you with future scope and incredible benefits of pursuing graphic designing skill to help you build a flourishing career. 

Certification adds credibility to your entire profile and doubles your hiring chances if you get through this program.

In a nutshell, yes Adobe photoshop is definitely an excellent career option for people who love creativity. Time to bring out the real craftsperson in you and upskill as much as you can because the competition is brutally high. 

So, are you ready to kickstart your career as a certified graphic designer? Share your valuable thoughts in the comments below. Happy Learning! 

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