Is Microsoft Office Hard To Learn? Catch Detailed Insights

Is Learning Microsoft Office hard

Is Learning Microsoft Office hard? Well, the subtle answer to this question is – No, it isn’t that hard. Individuals from any background can learn from scratch. 

As technology rapidly grows faster in the booming digital world, we have new add-on features and more functionality that are paramount to grasp for every passionate individual. 

Moreover, the competition level is immensely high in this domain. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, start learning the most in-demand skill and give your career an instant boost. 

Is Learning Microsoft Office Hard? Let’s find out

Before we talk about the difficulty level, let us know about the fact that Microsoft Office Suite comprises multiple platforms such as MS word, MS excel, PowerPoint, Access, Microsoft Teams, OneNote and Outlook that are incredibly useful for database management and for business decisions in a company. 

Hence it is important to be well-versed with all these software programs when you start working with organizations. 

So coming back to the main point, Learning Microsoft Office isn’t hard if you opt for specialized training programs. Learning becomes easier when you get continuous learning support from top certified trainers. 

Going Further, Here are 7 Incredible Reasons Why Learning Microsoft Office Isn’t hard 

1. Passion beats everything 

One of the biggest reasons to understand why learning Microsoft Office isn’t hard is your passion for learning new skills and interest towards a particular domain. 

Passion beats everything. It doesn’t matter how difficult the process is, the new added versions of a wide range of software programs. Nothing  can hold you back if you are absolutely confident about your goals. 

2. Ease of Learning through E-learning Platforms 

E-learning spaces have become dominant in the booming digital world post pandemic crisis. Hence learning a wide range of skills has become easier and fun for all skill levels. 

This is why the Microsoft Office 365 certification course has become so popular. Any individual from any background can opt for this training program and soar high. 

3. Learn at your Pace 

Another remarkable reason why learning Microsoft office isn’t hard is the flexibility of learning online. Whether you are a student or a working professional, you can learn without any hassle. 

The e-learning space across the world has become tremendously popular. You don’t have to commute long distances, learn in just one click no matter in which part of the world you reside. 

4. Unlimited Online Learning Resources 

Learning is even easier when you have access to unlimited learning resources and pre-recorded lectures. What better can we ask for? You have everything.

So if you are a fresher or a working professional wanting to upskill, choose the best e-learning space that provides you all the adequate learning resources and support. 

5. Clear your Doubts without any Hesitation 

One of the greatest advantages that makes learning Microsoft office skills easier is that you can clarify all of your doubts anytime. 

You can shoot your queries through email or during the sessions. The more you get the clarity, the more you will be able to learn faster. 

6. Quality Intensive Training Sessions 

If you want to build a thriving career, strive for those training programs that give you excellent quality intensive training sessions instead of theoretical knowledge. 

Quality lab-intensive training sessions comprise an enormous amount of practical knowledge that will actually enable you bag excellent opportunities in the near future. 

7. Most Affordable Training Programs 

Another amazing point that makes learning Microsoft office easy to learn is the affordability. Anybody can afford the course fee and enjoy the maximum benefits. 

Moreover, individuals enrolled for this training program will get a chance to work on real world projects. This ultimately boosts your career growth. 

Recommended Training Course: Microsoft Online Certification Course

Is Learning Microsoft Office Certification Online Worth it? 

Yes, absolutely worth it in fact with more added features and functionalities, you will learn new approaches and skills that are super important by organizations across the globe. 

So, the next question arises – how will this course benefit you in the long-run? Well, the first super important aspect is your – credibility and maximizes your productivity when you work with organizations. 

In addition, as we can see post pandemic crisis, e-learning courses are taking the center stage and making it easier and convenient for all skill levels to learn even the most difficult skill. 

Individuals from across the world are increasingly opting for learning new skills that match their interests and passion. 

So, If you are a novice intending to kickstart learning MS Office from scratch or a working professional wanting to upskill for a career transition, it’s time to discover your learning potential and soar high. 

What Kind of Jobs You’ll Get As a Microsoft Office Specialist?

Before we delve deep into the kind of jobs, know that competition level is tremendously high. Hence, as Microsoft Office Certified specialists will certainly boost your credibility and visibility to the recruiters.

Here are some of top career options as a Microsoft Office Certified Expert in India – 

  • Data Entry 
  • Back-office expert 
  • Chat Support 
  • Network Specialist – MS office 365 + Sharepoint 
  • Administrative Assistant 
  • Office Manager 
  • Excel Expert 
  • Data analyst 
  • Financial Analyst 
  • Documentation specialist 

Let’s take a quick look at the salary overview of different roles in India. 

Executive Assistant 3.0 lakh – 10 lakh per annum
Data Analyst 4.7 lakh – 11 lakh per annum 
Documentation Specialist 2.5 lakh – 5.2 lakh per annum 
Financial Analyst 2.5 lakh – 10 lakh per annum
Administrative Assistant 3.6 lakh – 22 lakh per annum 
Data Entry Expert 1.50 lakh – 3.5 lakh per annum 
Network Specialist – MS office 3654.9 lakh – 16 lakh per annum 
Excel Expert 7 lakh – 50 lakh per annum 

So if you are interested in learning Microsoft Office but are unsure whether it is hard or not? Fret not, make a choice and start learning. 

Scope of Learning Microsoft Office Skill in India 

Microsoft Office is one of the major requirement skills every company looks for. Industries like IT (Information Technology), Automobiles, Telecom, Manufacturing etc.

As per the surveys by payscale source, Market research analyst is one of the most popular roles. The average payout of market research roles range from 3.5 lakh to 7.5 lakhs per annum based on the level of expertise. 

So, If you want to kickstart your career in this role, expect a good salary in the beginning. Up your career ladder to senior roles such as Market research manager, Associate project manager, Project manager, Associate director etc. 

In addition, you can even choose to become a freelancer after earning the certification course. Make a rock-solid portfolio and start pitching your potential clients and win excellent projects.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that the scope of learning Microsoft Office is amazingly high. All you need is to make a choice and get ready to start your career in this domain. 

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Final Words – Time to Spread your Wings and Fly High 

This leads us to the end of this article. We hope you have got a fair idea on this stance – Is Learning Microsoft Office hard? The whole idea behind this blog is to help you chuck all the doubts you may have in mind regarding the difficulty level. 

No, it isn’t hard for any individual and from any background. You can enroll for this certification course anytime and enjoy the exclusive benefits listed above. 

Besides these benefits, you will have real-time exposure during the training sessions. Most importantly, the biggest reason to go for learning MS office skills is quality intensive training that will ultimately make your skills stand out in the crowd. 

Time to lift your learning spirits high and turn your passion into a flourishing career in the booming IT industry. Are you ready? Share your valuable thoughts with us. Learn, rise and shine.

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